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Dwayne Gathers
Dwayne Gathers
Dwayne Gathers

“Gather your copy & let Gathers do the rest!”


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Dwayne Gathers comes to the world of Voice Over by an unconventional route… through business and government. Dwayne is a Business Development Strategist in Los Angeles who has consulted with everyone from large corporations to not-for-profits and governmental bodies, using a combination of a classical education, street smarts and bold ideas to lead the pack. Now he brings that same passion and conviction to the business of Voice Over. From his early years, Dwayne learned that the most powerful and influential instrument a human can use is… the voice. No other instrument conveys such raw emotion that it can move people to see things in a whole new light or, just buy an untried product! His smooth, baritone vibe is ideal for commercials that need a trustworthy spokesman; audio books that requires a soothing tone, mature without pretense; or e-learning and instructional videos that need a male voice with gravitas. 

Check out Dwayne’s podcast on civic life in Los Angeles CivitasLA.com 

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“Proper Without The Pretense”


“Authoritative Without Being Stodgy”


“Wise Sound & Sharp Wit!”
















News & Media

Dwayne Gathers was honored to be a guest on The Crown City podcast… a podcast about the people and places that make our neighborhoods our home. Listen on Apple Podcasts or at the Crown City site.

Celebrating the Creative Economy and Hollywood, Gathers Hosts Hollywood Walk of Fame Ceremony for DJ Khaled

Celebrating the creative economy and Hollywood, Gathers Hosts Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony for Morris Chestnut

Celebrating the creative economy and Hollywood, Gathers co-hosts recent Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony for Andy Cohen.

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Dwayne A. Gathers
6311 Romaine St., Suite 7325
Los Angeles, CA 90038